Friday, February 22, 2013

Pinterest Post Day

Hello crafters!

Today is Friday and you know what Friday is...

Pinterest Post Day!

Here are a few of my favs....

Who wouldn't want a few pairs of these cute crochet slippers... I would choose maybe a brown with teal trim! ;-)

I may have to try making these in the summer, when my arthritis in my thumbs doesn't hurt as much. :)

This one would be a great DIY bird's eggs with nest decoration for Easter... 

The nest is actually knitted and the eggs are needle felted.  The nest is put through the wash(on hot) to make it look the same as the eggs.

This next pin is another one for Easter, but is more kid and parent friendly...

Who doesn't love a good glittery egg! 

Yarn wrapped

These ones are made with my favourite... Washi Tape

And a little more glitter with polka dots.  

That's all for today... I hope that you got some ideas from the post, today.

Have a great weekend, I off to the land of sun, sand and warmth on Sunday, but I do have a draft post ready to go so I don't miss the whole week! ;-)

Until next time...

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