Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Hello crafters!  
Today's post is dedicated to Washi Tape:

I found this definition on "Wishy Washi Tape"

I know that the type is small, but you can also click on the link above and see it live on their site.  

I first saw Washi Tape on Scrap Time's blog, about a year and a bit ago and became a huge fan... this is the video that I saw:

I love this blog because there are new episodes every day, featuring great techniques and projects and ... well ... Christine Urias is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada ... a fellow Canuck!  

Here are some more Washi Tape videos of hers...

This next video is for a Washi Tape holder, (here's a link to where Christine got her inspiration) which I would like to make for my collection! 

Here are a few pins that I have for different Washi Tape project and inspiration...

8) A bunch of Washi Tape Cards
11) This is a whole Pin Board called "Washi Worship" by The Paperie, a store in St. John's Newfoundland, Canada.

I really have to make more with my Washi Tape!  I have a bunch but I always forget about them as I don't have a great holder for them!  As soon as I make that puppy, just watch me go!  ;-)  Here is what I have so far:

I made a matching envelope for the above card...

On this card, I made the flowers our of Washi Tape as well as put a matching strip along the bottom to stamp my Birthday greeting.

And that's about all I have to tell you about Washi, other than it is an easy embellishment to add to a card, envelope or gift bag... and as you can see by the pins, there are so many other, EASY, projects to use Washi!  

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Triple Time Stamping technique...

Hello to all you crafters (and non-crafters! ;)

Today, I thought that I would show you another card technique that is called 
"Triple Time Stamping"

I really enjoy the effect that this produces.

Here is the video that I learned it off of...

I fell in love with this card... This is from a blog called,

I have done a few of these and I did a "class" at our church in the fall where we did a Thanksgiving version.  

These are the Christmas cards that I made with this technique and as you can see, you don't always have to use a white or a cream coloured paper.  
I hope that you try this out and make your own interpretation of it.  Feel free to leave a comment with questions or your own story of how your Triple Stamping turned out.
Thanks for reading,
until next time...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Faux Patina Technique

Howdy Crafters!  
Here it is without further ado... the 

I learnt this from a blog that I follow called 

She is a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator out the United States.
(Just so you know, if you are interested in buying from Stampin' Up! in Canada Kathy Nelson is my crack dealer Go-to person! ;-)

This is the video that I saw on her blog...

I really loved it and went to town!  Thank you very much Frenchie!!!  You rock!
Here are some of the cards that I made using this technique...

On this one, I tried the pewter embossing powder instead and I love this effect too!
There are two others from Stampin' Up!, Gold (the one that Frenchie uses) and Silver.
(I just made 9 more pieces of card stock yesterday and I have 7 more to complete today...)

Above is another example of incorporating the look of the card onto the envelope, which adds that special touch.

I hope that you all enjoyed this awesome paper technique, please feel free to leave a comment below on how your attempt worked out...

Thanks for reading...
Until next time...

Friday, January 25, 2013

Pinterest Post Day

Hello crafters!

Today is Pinterest Post day... so here are some of my pins about reducing, reusing and recycling that I have enjoyed (and want to do/make)!  I hope that you do to....

For those of you who have cats or love cats this one is for you:

Such a simple use of all the cardboard boxes in your home or from your local retail store!

This one is so easy and pretty, I mean, who doesn't love cherry blossoms!? 

This one is cool!  Pun intended, cuz I'm cheezy like that!
Water balloon + freezer + no flame candle = cool lighting effect in the snow.

The Infinity Scarf is all the rage... you can make one yourself for tons less than buying one AND you are using up that old white T-shirt with the yellow armpit stains.  What!?  We all have those... right? ;-)

This one only links to my pin which doesn't lead you to the directions or anything, but it is pretty self explanatory in the picture and it looks easy peasy!

This pin is another one that doesn't link to the original site (or does it?), but you can see all you need to in the picture and the description on the pin.

Well, I could continue on and on, as Pinterest is a great source for the three R's!  
PS:  This pin is for all my carpenter buddies... if any of you feel inclined to make this and maybe the one for my heat embossing tool, too... I would be over the moon! ;-)

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment... I love the feedback!

Until next time...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas Cards - 2012

Hello Crafty peeps!
(I thought I would switch up my greeting today ;)

So today might catch us all up on my cards up until this point.  Woo Hoo!!

Here are some of my cards from this Christmas....

Sorry for the glare, but I wanted to show that it is on Glossy White paper.  For this one, it is soooooo simple and quick... just stamp the image onto glossy paper with Versamark (or  any embossing medium) and use clear (or white would probably work?) embossing powder to heat emboss the image and greeting (on the top card I just stamped the greeting).  Then sponge on the colour that you want around the two.  You might need to wipe of the embossed areas to "clean" it up.  Voila!  Done!

This is called Triple Time Stamping technique.  It's a really fun technique and I will be doing a future post dedicated to it entirely! :)

Here are some of the cards made with the metal paper again, that I mentioned in my last "card" post.

These last three pics are of one card that I tried to incorporate what was on the front of the card into the inside and on the envelope.  

This, actually, was a birthday card for my good friend Dawn, who has a December birthday just like myself.  I thought it was a good representation of both of our senses of humour.  ;-)

As you can see in all three of the last cards I made the paper look like it was metal with a faux patina (making more of them today!)... well, you will all have to wait for a future post with a link to the tutorial.  "Awwwwww!"  I promise, it will not disappoint!  ;-) 

One last cute Christmas card for all my readers!  I saw this stamp in a store called Flim Flam in Brantford, Ontario, which I visit with my Auntie-Lynn-Dear.  I LOVE the store and love going with her, although I am not so sure she loves coming along as I take forever looking at EVERYTHING!

Well, that's it for today....
Until next time...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

And even MORE cards....

Hellooooo crafters! 

I hope that you are all keeping warm today!?  It's a frigid -17C (with windchill, it's -28C, apparently.  I wouldn't know, I'm not going outside until this afternoon, after it warms up a titch!) here in Southern Ontario... I always thought it was "warmer" here!!!  Not so much?

So today, I am sharing more of my cards... these, I think, start to feel more "classy" and "mature".  I hope that you think so too and maybe they will inspire some of you to try making cards... It really is fun and you never have to buy those over priced and ugly cards from ... well ... you know where. ;-)

This one is called a "step card" and there are different types of them... like these...

This last one I added because I thought the dresser version is really cute and I want to try it myself! ;-)
PS:  I just typed "side step card" into the search on YouTube.

Although you cannot see in this picture, I used green "flocking" on the tree for the leaves. (the link is to the product that I used, but it seems that they may be not going to sell it anymore at Martha Stewart?)

It's always nice to add something inside to continue the theme ... you can also add something to the envelope which will tie it all together.  This part I need to work on, as I tend to forget! :-/

For this one I ripped a piece of paper in the design above and used masking tape to hold them where I wanted the "wave" and used a brayer to apply the ink... then made the wave smaller and brayered again.  Then, of course, I stamped the image and the sentiment.  This is a "masking" technique.  It's easy, fun and pretty.  

This metal "paper" is awesome!  I loved working with it and I HAVE to get more of it!  It came in gold, brownish, pink and this teal.  They have other colours, too! 

For this little beauty, I embossed on glossy white paper and then sponged on the colours with Sponge Daubers from Stampin' Up! because they are nice and small, good for details.

Well that's it for today!  I hope that you enjoyed my cards today.

Until next time...